Planning a trip to New Zealand? Good news – NZ commercial accommodation providers must have accessible rooms.

Bethany is a plant-based foodie with an insatiable hunger for travel and she’s sharing her tips for travelling with a dietary restriction with us. 9 Tips for Travelling with Dietary Restriction The best way to get a taste of a country’s culture is through its cuisine. But diving head first into the exotic culinary droves

The Daniels family has a thirst for travel. Their daughter Morgan, has multiple disabilities and their adventures involve the use of a wheelchair. The family’s biggest fear while travelling with Morgan is the possibility of an epileptic seizure, so they take specific measures to ensure they are prepared for such an event. Epilepsy is a

Josh is an 8 year old wheelchair user living with Sacral Agenesis. Affecting 1 in 25,000 people, Sacral Agenesis often results in a missing tailbone, malformation of several vertebrae, no knee caps, club feet and bladder and bowel problems. Josh also only has one kidney. But if you see Josh wheeling around you’ll have to

An assistance, or service dog, can make travel more achievable but if you’re travelling by taxi, train or car there’s a few things which may make the journey more comfortable and fun for both of you. Codee and her Service Dog Don share their tips.

Rosemary’s son Bradley has Prader-Willi Syndrome. Having traveled together to Disneyland, Rosemary shares her tips on how to travel with  someone with anxiety and a short attention span who is used to routine and structure in order to manage their symptoms.

Travelling with a chronic illness & Cystic Fibrosis requires careful planning and preparation. Jessica lives with these conditions and shares her tips for staying healthy while enjoying travelling the world.

For travellers living with diabetes there are additional considerations when planning a holiday. It’s important to ensure your holiday is enjoyable, safe and healthy. The weather, time zones, length of transit time and access to meals all need to be taken into consideration. Carrying your supplies also requires preparation and research.

Travelling for the first time with a child can be daunting for any parent but if you’re travelling with a child with a cochlear implant, or a child who is hearing impaired, there are added considerations.